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Organic SEO

What in Tarnation is Organic SEO?
Picture your website as a lone ranger, lost in the dusty plains of the internet. Organic SEO is the trusty steed that'll guide weary travelers straight to your virtual homestead through natural, unpaid search results. No snake oil, no fancy tricks – just good ol' fashioned visibility that'll stand the test of time.

Why It's More Important Than a Steer's Brand

  • Rodeo-Worthy Visibility: Round up more visitors than a cattle drive on search engine results pages, attractin' more clicks than a barn dance at sundown.
  • Trust and Spurs-Worthy Credibility: Climb to the top of the rankings and earn the respect of your audience as the go-to gunslinger in your neck of the woods.
  • Longhorn Growth: Plant the seeds of organic SEO today, and watch your online presence grow taller than a Texas oak tree tomorrow.

In this grand ol' rodeo of the digital frontier, Organic SEO ain't just a trick – it's the ride of a lifetime toward sustainable success. So, strap on your chaps, grab your lasso, and let's rustle up some digital success like true cowboys and cowgirls!

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Local SEO

What's Local SEO All About?
Picture your business as a quaint ol' saloon nestled in the heart of town. Local SEO is the trusty guide that'll lead eager patrons right to your doorstep through those good ol' search results. No smoke signals, no town criers – just good ol' fashioned visibility that'll keep folks flockin' in like tumbleweeds on a windy day.

Why It's More Important Than Sunday Brunch at the General Store

  • Frontier Visibility: Round up more locals than a barn raisin' on search engine results pages, attractin' 'em with promises of a good ol' time at your establishment.
  • Trust and Credibility as Solid as the Town Bank: Climb to the top of local rankings and earn the respect of your community as the go-to spot for a rootin', tootin' good time.
  • Sustainable Growth Like a Sturdy Oak Tree: Plant the seeds of local SEO today, and watch your business grow taller than the tallest oak in the county.

In this grand ol' hoedown of local business success, Local SEO ain't just a tool – it's the wagon train toward sustainable growth right in your own backyard. So, grab your Stetsons, dust off your boots, and let's ride off into the sunset of local business success together!

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Who Is Longcut Marketing?


Alex C Barr of Longcut Marketing

Alex C Barr

He is a seasoned entrepreneur and SEO expert with over a decade of experience. Since 2006, he has founded and sold three agencies specializing in web design, SEO, and lead generation. Additionally, Alex developed and sold a popular mass page WordPress plugin.

He is renowned for his expertise in the industry and occasionally speaks at SEO conferences, sharing insights and strategies to stay ahead in the SEO industry. Alex's track record of building and selling successful businesses and teams, as well as developing innovative tools, underscores his impact in the field.

In 2003, Alex founded Longcut Marketing when he moved his family to Cheyenne, Wyoming, where the agency is headquartered with an office downtown above the Paramount Cafe. When you hire Longcut Marketing for your SEO needs, you can be confident in his data-centric approach that implements proven cutting-edge techniques needed to achieve premium placement at the top of Google.

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"Longcut Marketing has really helped my western jewelry boutique. I've seen more people buying from my store, and now customers can find me online without relying solely on Facebook."
Only Taylor Layne
Hand Crafted Western Jewelry
"This could be a raving review from your business after experiencing what Longcut Marketing can do to generate business growth through Organic & Local SEO!" 
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Are We The Right Fit For You?


Brick & Mortar Businesses

We've got a soft spot for the mom-and-pop outfits, the cozy saloons, and the ranch hands hustling in the local corral. We know the lay of the land and the dust of the trail, understanding the rugged terrain of the competitive local market. Our aim? To brand your name into the heart of the town, driving hoof-stomping foot traffic and securing your spot as the legendary hero of the community.

Local Service Businesses

We've got a soft spot for the folks fixin' fences, tendin' bar, or wranglin' repairs in the heart of the town. We understand the lay of the land and the challenges of the local service circuit. Whether you're a one-horse operation or runnin' a team of cowhands, we're here to help you stand out, draw in the locals, and become the talk of the town.

Multi-Location Businesses

We've got a knack for wranglin' the challenges faced by businesses spread across multiple territories. Whether you're a sprawling cattle ranch, a chain of frontier trading posts, or a network of bustling townships, we know how to navigate the rugged landscape of multi-location markets. Our goal? To brand your name across the horizon, driving stampedes of customers to each of your outposts and solidifyin' your reputation as the untamed leader of the wild west.


While we're passionate about helping businesses succeed, there are certain types of ventures that may not align with our expertise or values. Here are a few examples of businesses we do not work with:


While affiliate marketing can be a valuable strategy for some businesses, our services are not typically tailored to the needs of affiliate-based models. If your primary business model revolves around affiliate partnerships, you may find our approach may not align with your specific requirements.


While we acknowledge the significance of ecommerce in today's market, our expertise lies primarily in optimizing the online presence of brick-and-mortar establishments. If your business operates solely in the ecommerce sphere, you may find a more suitable partner specializing in digital retail strategies.

National Corporations

While we respect the success and scale of national corporations, our focus lies in providing personalized, hands-on SEO services tailored to the needs of smaller businesses. If you're a national corporation with extensive in-house marketing teams, you may find our approach may not align with your specific requirements.

International Corporations

Similarly, for international corporations, while we admire the global reach and impact, our specialization lies in working closely with businesses on a more localized level. If you require marketing strategies that cater to diverse markets across multiple countries, you may find a more suitable partner with expertise in global marketing strategies.

Unethical or Illegal Enterprises

At Longcut Marketing, we uphold ethical standards and adhere strictly to legal guidelines in all our practices. We do not engage with businesses involved in unethical or illegal activities, including those related to adult content, gambling, or deceptive practices.

Still Not Convinced?



We’re Uber Responsive

Don’t you hate when customer service takes forever to respond? So do we. That’s why we’re dedicated to never letting that happen at Longcut Marketing. We pride ourselves on our accessibility and prompt support.

Your Interests Always Come First

It's easy to say that, but much harder to live it out. We do everything we can to ensure that our partnership is mutually beneficial—even if it means not selling you a service you don't need.

You Deserve Your Freedom

We never lock you in. That means no long-term contracts or platforms you don’t have access to. We want to give you the flexibility to make the best decision for your business—even if that means leaving our services.

We Never Sacrifice Quality

Reputation is everything, and we never want to compromise on your reputation (or our own) with a sub-par product. We take the time to follow best practices and meet our high standards at every stage of a campaign.

We Follow Proven Processes

With any SEO campaign local or organic, we have a battle-tested process. We make sure this fits within your strategy, but also follows industry standards. Each step builds on the previous one to maintain focus and drive results.

We Are Committed to Testing

We stay on top of ever-evolving SEO trends by constantly learning. But we don’t keep that knowledge to ourselves. We’re committed to sharing this with everyone—whether you’re a client or not.
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